NEW ALBUM, SUMMA is coming on 31.03.17 @ RareNoise Records

"Jü plays the music of ecstasy. Psychedelic, noise rock, sanguine power-jazz as well as folk all form an integral part of their compositions, evolving from seemingly rigorous, repetitive swirling patterns that never fail to deliver spectacular amounts of energy.

Apart from obvious reminiscences of the golden age of fusion (late 60s, early 70s), Jü's main objective is far from evoking that era.

By pushing their instruments to new limits, entranced audiences are transported from the continuous present into the future, ideally, leaving behind past ways of thinking about music itself.

Though seemingly restrained by their strict form of composition, disciplined by the common ground of tonality and dynamics, the creative members of the trio are allowed plenty of room for spirited improvisation."

Each member of Jü is an accomplished player on the Budapest scene. Beside dozens of Hungarian groups, the members have played with international musicians such as John Zorn, Eugene Chadbourne, Charles Gayle, Chris Potter, William Parker, Hamid Drake, Pamelia Kurstin, Mikolaj Trzaska. The band released their debut album in November 2014 at RareNoise Records, which they recorded with Norwegian saxophonist Kjetil Møster.

Jü is: Ádám Mészáros – guitar Ernő Hock – bass András Halmos – drums

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    • Auróra
    • Budapest, Hungary
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    • Nasjonal Jazzscene
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    • Grand Bergen
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