- new album on the way!

In 2019, next to our other commitments to other bands, we are focusing on writing material for our third LP, that we plan to release in 2020. We give really few concerts until we are done with the new material.

Summa (2017)

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Recorded by the trio, with guests Kjetil Moster and Bolcsó Bálint in "Partir". Recorded by Válik László, mixed by Marc Urselli, mastered by Scott Hull.

JÜ meets Møster (2014)

Released @ Rarenoise Records

Recorded with Kjetil Moster (Röyksopp & Robyn, Datarock, Moster! etc.) Recorded by Válik László, mixed by Bill Laswell, mastered by Michael Fossenkemper.

Live at the Foundry Museum

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With Kjetil Moster and Bolcsó Bálint. Videos of this session can be seen on our youtube channel.

Kü Sessions

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First recordings of Dear Johann and Bhajan, Disco Fantastiqe is recorded only at this session.